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South West London


KML's Neighbourhood Guide

South West London includes diverse neighbourhoods and shopping districts, as well as unique attractions.  This area includes the self-contained communities of Byron and Lambeth, each of which have residential areas as well as their own “main street” shopping options.  Boler Mountain is home to the London Ski Club, which offers seasonal skiing and snowboarding in a newly renovated facility.  Westmount, Southcrest, London South, Longwoods are all diverse neighbourhoods offering a mix of housing types and numerous community centres and access to green spaces like Westminster Ponds and Pond Mills.  London’s major hospital, the Victoria Campus of London Health Sciences Centre and the Children’s Hospital of Southwestern Ontario are also located in South London, along with allied facilities such as the Parkwood Institute.  White Oaks, including the flagship mall of the same name, is a major regional shopping destination and is surrounded by residential neighbourhoods and schools plus other services.

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