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North East London


KML's Neighbourhood Guide

North East London is home to several distinct neighbourhoods, including a college some of the most rapidly expanding residential developments in the city.  The eastern side of the region is home to the residential neighbourhoods of Carling and Huron Heights, which are a mix of mature single-family homes as well as low-rise and high-rise apartment developments, Northland and Oxbury Malls, plus other locally-focused shopping plazas. This neighbourhood is also home to the main campus of Fanshawe College, one of Ontario’s largest colleges of applied arts and technology.  Fanshawe hosts 21,000 full-time students training in a wide variety of disciplines and trades, plus part-time and continuing studies.


Between these neighbourhoods and the eastern city limit lies London International Airport, which has daily service to key Canadian and US hubs, and seasonal flights to holiday destinations plus facilities for private planes and a flight school.  The area around the airport is largely commercial and industrial businesses including General Dynamics, 3M,, and Diamond Aircraft.


The north side of this area includes the largely residential neighbourhoods of Stoney Creek, Stoneybrook, and Fanshawe.  Fanshawe has seen an explosion of development that has echoed west down the Fanshawe Road corridor.  This neighbourhood mostly consists of newer detached single-family homes, with access to large local stores such as Home Depot and Sobey’s, with easy access to other amenities in nearby Masonville.  Stoneybrook is an established neighbourhood with larger single-family homes; Stoney Creek is a mix of single-family homes and apartment complex.  All of these neighbourhoods offer easy access to city trails and the Fanshawe Conversation Area.

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